The keeper finds all your favourite things

The keeper finds all your favourite things

The keeper protects all of those valuable items that sometimes go missing: your keys, your bag or your smartphone. The transmitter tells you where your favourite things are – anytime and easy as pie, with the free keeper app.  Play video

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Where are my keys?

The keeper shows you where they’re hiding

My keys have disappeared without a trace: are they in my jacket pocket or have they slid under the couch? The keeper lets you know: the keeper app makes the transmitter ring and the LED light flash. This way you can track down your keys easily and quickly.

Where is my bag?

The keeper watches over it

In a cafe or when travelling, it’s very easy to leave your bag behind. With the keeper, this no longer has to be the case: if your bag with the transmitter is too far away from your smartphone, the keeper app will let you know with a push message. Meaning that you’ll never leave anything behind again.

Where is my smartphone?

The keeper makes it ring

The keeper app can track down all of your valuable items. But what if your smartphone goes missing? The keeper again comes to the rescue: if you press the keeper button twice, the smartphone starts ringing. This way you can retrieve all your important things in less than no time.

The features at a glance:

Don't Lose

The keeper ensures that your favourite things never get lost – child’s play with the free keeper app.

Find me

If valuable items go missing, the keeper lets you know where they are with a beep and a LED light.

Remind me

If you leave behind important things, the keeper app notifies you that something has been forgotten.

Let it ring

The keeper can also find your smartphone. The keeper button makes your mobile ring.


The keeper is strong and sustainable. The batteries last a long time and can simply be replaced.


Wind and rain are not an issue for the keeper. The transmitter is robust and water-resistant.

The keeper and the app: here we go!

The keeper is a Bluetooth 4.0 beacon that helps you find your valuables at any time. The Bluetooth transmitter is connected to the keeper app, which can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. This is all very straightforward thanks to the installation guide, which starts automatically after the download. Once the keeper app is installed, you can make full use of all its functions.

The keeper – small, light and strong

The keeper protects all your valuable items. With everything it has: the keeper is water-resistant and sustainable. The CR2032 batteries are long-lasting and can also be replaced. The keeper delivers strong performance – and is light in weight at the same time. The compact transmitter weighs just 12 g (dimensions: H 37 mm × W 37 mm × D 9.2 mm). The keeper is available in black and white.

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